Nathalie Spampinato-Brosse was born in 1968 in Etampes, a town near Paris, France.
she went to «l'Ecole d’Etampes» since she was six years old and she was student of Gaétan Ader and the famous painter Philippe Lejeune. She learned several techniques of drawing, painting and engraving including etching with Patricia Legendre (illustrator/engraver). Graduate of Estienne School (Ecole supérieure des Arts et Industrie Graphique) in Paris in 1990. Bachelor's degree DMA – Editorial Art (Typography and illustration).
Nathalie worked for eight years with Jean-Pierre Jauneau as a graphic designer for publishers (centre eaorges Pompidou, Musée Nationaux, Nathan, Hachette...)


Then, during six years, she was responsible for public relations departments and communication of the home theater company that she and her husband created in France.
In 2007, she moved to Chicago where she lived for five years. She found her way back to her first passion, drawing and painting. Chicago, her heart city, was her main source of inspiration during this time.
After five years of discoveries and encounters in the USA, she came back in France, in Bordeaux, explores differents technics. She favours particularly painting (oil, acrylic and watercolor). Nathalie exhibits in France and in the USA.
Her painting is inspired by kindness and the desire to transmit joy and hapiness with vivid colors and details, whatever the subject.

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